How to Clean your MacBook and MacBook Pro
March 1, 2010

How to Keep your PC Clean and Running Smoothly

The following steps will help you clean up you computer and will help keep your PC operating optimally:

  1. Update Windows regularly. You can do this by going to the Start Menu and clicking Windows Update or by clicking on All Programs -> Accessories -> System tools. It is very important to get the updates regularly related to security.
  2. Set Windows to update automatically. Click Control Panel -> Performance & Maintenance -> System -> then click tab for Automatic Updates.
  3. Make sure that cookies are deleted regularly. Do this by going to Start-> Control panel -> Internet Options. Click second row and click the option for delete cookies. Then click Temporary Files. You do not need to delete the offline folder; just “Delete Temporary files."
  4. One needs to do the disk clean up too. Go to Start ->All programs -> Accessories -> System tools -> Disk cleanup then click on more options. User needs to select all the following components: Installed Programs, Windows Components & System restore. Click on the respective tabs to clean up.
  5. Defragmenting the computer will move all the files at their specified locations.
  6. One needs to remove all the malware, spyware & malware and install the anti-virus software. We recommend Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Free products are also available online, such as AVG, Avast antivirus, Bit defender.
  7. Many applications start automatically whenever the PC is turned on. Many programs which are included in the Windows start up are wanted or required but there are many programs which are not required and slow down the speed of a computer.
  8. Go to the Control Panel and delete the unwanted programs.

If you have difficulty with any of the steps above then one may contact Front Desk, Los Angeles Tech and Network Support.