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August 24, 2012
October 6, 2012


Managing QuickBooks can be complicated. Setting up multiple users, sharing company files, backing up your critical financial data, data corruption, are all functions that businesses like yours have struggled with. While supporting QuickBooks can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be.

How Can GeekTek Help with QuickBooks?

Do not let all of QuickBooks’ complex functions intimidate you. GeekTek is not only one of the leading providers of local IT services in the Los Angeles area, but we are also partnered with Intuit, the creators of QuickBooks. Intuit has worked hard to make seemingly difficult procedures simple to perform, and we at GeekTek are trained to make the implementation process even less of a hassle for you. So whether you are new to accounting or you are just tired of manually entering numbers into books and spreadsheets, QuickBooks can be quickly and efficiently integrated into your business’ pre-existing system—and we can help.

GeekTek would be glad to assist you in setting up and gaining the confidence to move forward using QuickBooks. We can help with deployment support, in-depth technical expertise and backup services. We are available for on-call technical support should you need it.

There is no reason for you to devote time and energy to overly complicated accounting processes when QuickBooks can do it for you, and there is no need to muddle your way through set up with GeekTek eager to help. Give us a call today to learn more about how GeekTek can make your business more smoothly and efficiently.

About QuickBooks

QuickBooks implements a straightforward interface that allows you to oversee and perform a number of financial tasks through a single program, including payroll and accounts payable and receivable, and it will even sync with your online bank account. You can track inventory, manage customer and employee data, and easily create invoices. By using QuickBooks, you will no longer have to dread tax time; all of your records will be organized in one easily accessible place.