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November 29, 2012
The Importance of Quality IT for Doctors
November 30, 2012

IT Outsourcing for Dental Practices

Dental practices have technological needs that are clearly distinct from virtually all non-medical businesses. In order to operate effectively, dental offices must be able to seamlessly transmit digital images and radiographs while protecting the privacy of confidential patient files.

If the network goes down, it can be impossible to view x-rays and complete check-ups; if a server crashes, appointments and records can’t be accessed; and if the privacy of patient information is compromised in violation of HIPAA by ineffective network security, your entire practice can be threatened. So beyond the improvement of everyday performance, a reliable IT infrastructure is vital to the success of any dental practice.

Custom IT Solutions from GeekTek

At GeekTek, we understand the needs of dental practices and will work with each office individually to implement an effective IT strategy. We offer services ranging from proactive security solutions and cloud migration to a variety of managed services, all of which would be tailored for the success of your dental practice.

Key Services:

  • Advanced Security Management – Firewall and antivirus management and protection
  • Virtual CIO – Assess the role of IT in your business in relation to your goals and recommend the most effective strategy moving forward
  • Customized Support and Monitoring Solutions – Individualized support for your unique network
  • When the IT infrastructure of your dental practice has been optimized, you will be able to keep better track of your appointments and clients, your network will be more reliable, and your data will be backed up and secured. It will translate to an overall better experience for both you and your patients.

    GeekTek provides IT plans that are customized to fit the specific needs of your business and will work with you to ensure your dental practice runs as smoothly as possible. Rather than risking the security of your data and the functionality of your practice, outsource your IT services to GeekTek.

    Our team of highly trained IT professionals is dedicated to improving the way your business works, removing the burden of IT maintenance, making your network more efficient, and allowing you to focus on your practice. Make the first step toward improving and securing the systems in your dental practice by contacting GeekTek today to schedule your free consultation.