IT Outsourcing for Dental Practices
November 29, 2012
GeekTek Provides Reliable IT Services to Property Managers
November 30, 2012

The Importance of Quality IT for Doctors

Doctors are responsible for an incredible amount of sensitive information about their patients, and as we move toward a paperless society, charts and records are being kept digitally rather than on bookshelves. The importance of ensuring that doctors and other medical professionals operate on secure networks cannot be overstated, and the risk of losing medical records due to a malfunctioning server should not be overlooked. Rather than putting valuable time and resources toward in-house IT services, a significant amount of efficiency stands to be gained by outsourcing IT services to a reputable provider.

Medical IT Outsourcing with GeekTek

Not every medical center is the same, and each one has individual needs that can be met by customized IT plans. Rather than trying to make do with an IT plan that just isn’t working for you, let GeekTek help propel your medical center forward into the future with an IT strategy that will improve the way you do business. Your servers will be secure and reliable, your networks protected against intrusion. And if you ever encounter an IT problem, GeekTek will be right there to solve it.

Key Services:

  • Bad IT Services (BITS) Rescue – After an assessment and audit of your current IT situation, we will work with you to make sure you have full access to your data and clear insight into the IT process.
  • Preventative Network Maintenance – Our proactive approach will help minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.
  • Storage and Recovery Management – Backup management, data vaulting, and other custom storage solutions ensure no important data is be lost.
  • The Value of Reliable IT

    The benefit of improving the efficiency of your IT by outsourcing to GeekTek will be seen in the increased efficiency of your office over time. Rather than being slowed down by unneeded and unwanted programs or spending valuable time and resources to troubleshoot problems and update servers, you will be able to focus on running your business in exactly the way you want to. Contact GeekTek today to find out how a reliable IT service can take your practice above and beyond!