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December 20, 2012
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January 7, 2013

Do Not Allow Server Failure to Kill Your Business

When your server goes down, the consequences are many: you can neither access your email nor any of the server’s other hosted applications and files, and your ability to execute business virtually comes to a halt. This makes server failure an urgent issue—one that you want resolved as quickly and as competently as possible.

It is also essential to ensure all of your company’s important information has been backed up securely. If you experience server failure and lose all of your data in the process, you face the possibility of damaging your business far beyond the initial downtime, and it can be exceedingly difficult to recover.

GeekTek Provides Expert Server IT Support

At GeekTek, our primary priority is ensuring that your IT infrastructure is conducive to the way your company operates, giving you the freedom and the ability to work efficiently and productively. So in the event that your server goes down, we provide immediate support to get everything up and running again as fast as we can. Our expert team is always available and highly responsive, and our Los Angeles location allows us to provide you with the support of an on-site team at the low cost of outsourcing.

In addition to coming to the rescue of your failed server and your former bad IT service, we, at GeekTek, monitor your network and your server, performing preventative maintenance on an ongoing basis. We regularly patch your server, install updates, and work to optimize both your server and your network, reducing scheduled downtime and minimizing the chance that an unexpected crash will occur.

We understand that email and online applications are the lifeblood of businesses, and that when your server is down, your business is down. We are dedicated to making sure your IT infrastructure is secure, optimized, and ready to facilitate the technological needs of your company. We take the time to understand the way your business works and develop a strategy to suit your needs. And all of this revolves around having a functioning, reliable server. So if you want to protect your business against the damage a faulty server can cause, contact GeekTek today.