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Cloud Solutions for Your Staff? Try Dropbox for Teams

It happens to everyone eventually — you need a file to show a client or you need to work on a project, but it’s not on your laptop. Now you have to call back to the office and wait for an email or — worse — drive back to the office to get the file.

And now it’s not just laptops. A stunning array of high tech tools populate the modern workplace — smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. How can your staff access the data and documents they need in multiple locations and on multiple platforms? What about security? Maintaining secure servers at your location or at a data center is an option, but can be expensive, requiring special staff to manage servers, user accounts and security.

At Geektek we have found that for many Los Angeles business owners Dropbox for Business provides an excellent solution for this problem. Some features of Dropbox for Business are:

  • Get up and running instantly. 
  • Share documents securely.
  • Restore deleted files.
  • Powerful team and document management tools.
  • Multiple platforms — Windows, Mac, tablet and phone.

Emailing files can cause problems — some large files might even be refused by email servers. With Dropbox you simply store those files in a folder that is automatically backed up to Dropbox and available on all your devices. No need to worry about FTP servers or clients. Dropbox provides a dead simple folder interface that all users will intuitively understand. Dropbox works the way your computer works.

Dropbox for Business allows you to administer user accounts from a simple web interface to add users and devices, monitor access and even set up two-step verification. 

Security is critical and Dropbox for Business gives you great security:

  • Data is automatically replicated in multiple data centers.
  • All data is transmitted and stored using the same encryption standards used by banks.
  • Security testing and auditing by third party security specialists.

Dropbox for Business provides the features that Geektek recommends.

Would you like to know more about Dropbox for Business? Contact Geektek. We’d be happy to help!