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April 11, 2013
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IT Outsourcing for Medical Practices – Make More Time for Your Patients

In the fast changing world of medicine, with its growing challenges and complexities, it behooves a practice to find an economical alternative to all of its IT concerns so that it can focus on the mission of keeping its patients healthy and treating their illnesses. Not only do medical practices have to adjust to the realities of business management despite being more steepe in medicine, they often cannot afford the resources for onsite or dedicated IT professionals. In fact the equipment and software can also be cost prohibitive given the limited resources of a practice, never mind the cost of IT labor.

Doctors and medical practices are often caught in the very challenging position of having to juggle the following issues:

  • The personal data of all patients, kept in confidentiality, with full compliance to HIPAA,
  • Ability to comply with, use and apply ICD-9 billing codes and eventually transition to ICD-10,
  • Meeting standards for “meaningful use” by moving towards measurably affective Electronic Medical Records (EHR) in order to qualify for Medicare and Medicaid incentive payments,
  • The new challenges adapting to state-run healthcare exchanges, increased pools of insured, and expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act,
  • Storing large amounts of high-resolution medical imagery easily and effectively while maintaining data integrity and making sure that results are readily available to aid doctors in diagnosing illness,
  • Managing the realities, logistics, labor law requirements, tax reporting requirements,  medical license standards, malpractice avoidance, and other challenges  intrinsic to a medical practice,
  • Doing all of the above while still doing the best to ensure the health, safety, and trust of patients.

This is where a managed IT service comes into play. By outsourcing to experienced and effective IT professionals with access to computing resources such as cloud storage, you can minimize the costs of technology management while at the same time getting the best value. Most importantly, this frees up the valuable time and resources that is just between you and your patients. Contact us to learn how we can create a custom outsourced IT solution for your practice.