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July 3, 2013
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A Solution for Efficient and Effective Vendor management

Companies rely on a number of technology vendors who provide them with the different types of software and hardware required for day-to-day operations.  Although these vendors provide essential products and services, managing them can take up a lot of valuable time.  For instance, when something goes wrong with a particular product or when you need to make a change or upgrade to your service, you might wind up spending hours on the phone or locked in lengthy email exchanges to get the issue resolved.

One approach that would improve vendor management efficiency would be to give a reputable IT group the responsibility of managing all of your vendors.  What would be the benefits of doing this?

Single point of contact.  If there’s a problem with one of your vendors, you won’t have to dig up their customer service contact info and start hashing through the issue with their representatives on the other end. All you’d need to do is submit a ticket to your IT group, notifying them of the issue, and they’d take care of the rest; they’d resolve the problem on your behalf. This kind of set-up is especially useful in more complicated situations when the problem might arise from multiple products; in that case you’d need to communicate with more than one vendor to fully sort things out.

Increased productivity and profits.  With less time wasted on managing your IT vendors, you can devote your energy to your work, manage your time better, and increase your profits.

Insider knowledge.  An IT group who works with you regularly will be well-acquainted not only with the hardware and software your business uses, but also with your business needs as a whole, including your priorities. When you have an issue with a vendor, they’ll understand how important it is, how it fits in with your day-to-day operations, and how it might best be resolved to your satisfaction.  They’d already know what details to share with a particular vendor in order to arrive at a solution.

Expertise.  An experienced IT group will also be able to use their expertise to advise you on vendor management, including which vendors to select, whether it’s time to switch from one to another, and whether or not you really need the services of a particular vendor.  This kind of advice can save you money and improve your company’s productivity and data security.

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