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August 21, 2013
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5 Major Problems a Managed Service Provider Will Help You Avoid

The IT services you receive play an important role in your business’s success.  From the computing devices you set up to the software you choose to the methods you use to back up and protect your data, you rely on good IT choices every day.  When you hire an expert managed service provider who can handle all of your IT needs and actively work with you to grow your business you’ll be in a better position to avoid the following problems:

Emergency IT

1) Difficulty keeping up with changes to technology.  Given how rapidly hardware and software are changing on all fronts, you need a managed service provider to stay on top of technological developments and any updates that need to be made, 24/7.

2) Lack of an overall IT strategy.  If your IT solutions are out of sync with your business plan you’re wasting money and hindering your own success.  Any IT decisions you settle on need to make sense for your business and be part of a larger strategy geared towards efficiency in business operations, effective business promotion, and high-quality data security.

3) Less IT flexibility.  You may cough up thousands of dollars to purchase a server only to realize a few months down the road that you no longer really need it and maybe you never did.  This is yet another area where a managed service provider can help.  With many of your services managed off-site, including a greater reliance on cloud computing, you don’t have to make costly investments in IT infrastructure that may not be useful to you one month or one year down the road.

4) More time wasted on tech support.  If something goes wrong with a piece of software you’ve downloaded, you may find yourself wasting hours on the phone with tech support people.  A managed service provider will take care of that for you.  All you have to do is notify them of the issue and they’ll handle the tech support,  freeing up your time.

5) A reactive rather than proactive approach to IT.  Some people make the mistake of considering IT services to be reactive, only good for when a problem arises.  However, while it’s important for your IT services provider to respond promptly and effectively in an emergency, it’s short-sighted to see IT support as useful only in problematic situations.  A strong managed service provider will also anticipate and forestall future problems and work on using IT services to actively grow your business, not just to step in when an emergency is underway.

When you contact us you’re guaranteed to receive support from an expert managed service provider.  We’ll familiarize ourselves with your business, tailor our solutions to best fit you and work on all fronts to increase profits and both prevent and tackle any problems.