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August 27, 2013
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Breaking Up ISN'T Hard to Do: Dumping Bad IT Services for Good

We’ve all experienced the nervous anticipation of breaking up with someone that you know isn’t right for you. Whether it’s a case of a good relationship gone bad – or one that never should have existed to begin with – chances are thinking about severing ties left you with sweaty palms, a rapid heartbeat and considering alternative ways of escape as you envisioned trying to rationally explain your decision to your formerly-beloved.

As bad as such a break-up is in your personal life, it’s likely you’ll live to love again. But if not managed properly and professionally, a similar situation occurring in the life of your business can cause irreparable harm to you, your clients and the reputation of your company. For example, it can be particularly challenging to correctly manage a necessary break-up with a bad IT Services provider.

What are some indications that the relationship is not a good one and a break-up is necessary? Less-than-ethical providers will often employ dubious tactics, including:

  • Withholding access to your most critical systems and information
  • Refusal to provide or explain system documentation to your in-house personnel
  • Disrespecting your need for open communication, timely responses and support
  • Controlling ownership of your online accounts and services
  • and more..

If you recognize any of the above, it’s time to face the situation head-on and move your business into a more secure and independent position. But, just as a personal break-up can result in conflict over who has the rights to what property, parting ways with an unscrupulous person or entity with access to and control over your central data, equipment, systems – and possibly even your public image – may leave you in a vulnerable position should they decide to hold your company “hostage” or seek retribution.

So is it possible to safely sever the relationship while protecting your business from any negative repercussions? Yes!

The experts at GeekTek have developed a comprehensive service known as “BITS Rescue” (Bad IT Services Rescue) to provide emergency technical support, help extricate your company from a harmful IT relationship and position you for success. BITS will encourage and enable increased in-house knowledge, capabilities and control while providing transparent IT services and support, including complete and open access to all your critical components and information.

Please don’t delay the inevitable any longer. Contact us and let us help you take proactive steps now to protect your business and your future…because breaking up really ISN’T hard to do, with BITS Rescue.