Breaking Up ISN'T Hard to Do: Dumping Bad IT Services for Good
September 4, 2013
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September 16, 2013

Keeping Small Business True to Their Roots

In this day and age small businesses are increasingly using IT service to supplement their own local systems to help compete with larger competitors.  There’s nothing wrong with being a smaller business. Everyone knows that the best merchandise comes from the smaller innovators.

I think some smaller business owners are hesitant to bring in a big company to run their IT service.  This hesitation is very understandable.  Like a lot of the underground and indie minded folks they don’t want to sell out to be considered corporate.  To do so would detract from their small business aura and they fear that customers would pick up on the change.

GeekTek IT Outsourcing

GeekTek IT Outsourcing

We have all seen and experienced the sell out.  At some point in our lives a band, a sports star, or even a product has sold out.  Unfortunately, while they all have reaped the financial reward  they loose the small town charm that set them apart and made them folk heroes in our minds.

This concept is not all that different from what small business owners are reminded of on a daily basis.  Sometimes we forget that there are scouts (headhunters) from big corporations scouring the world, looking for the next big thing.  To understand this brings into perspective how some small business owners view expanding their technology.  They might have the view that linking into an IT service is in essence selling out.

However, this isn’t always true. IT service only enhances what a small business can project to the world.  Choosing the right company to set up the IT services can do more to enhance that small business quality than falling behind the times. Contact us and find out how our small business can make yours amazing.