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October 24, 2013
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Break Free of Bad IT

The digital age is upon us and no business big or small can do without superior IT services. IT is now a crucial component of a successful business plan. Employing a dependable IT company can reduce costs, keep productivity up, and keep your company’s digital dealings stress free. So what if the unimaginable happens? Perhaps when your current IT person started working with you they were a valuable asset they always showed up, were available for emergencies, and kept your IT costs within budget. Then after some time their availability was scarce, they began billing for services they never performed, or they simply stopped showing up for routine maintenance. This type of ordeal happens more often than business owners would like to think. The problem is you need IT help when you need it, not tomorrow, not a week from now. Program maintenance must be performed regularly to ensure your company is running smoothly and without a hitch. Emergencies cost you time and money if your current IT services can’t provide you with diligent service you may lose customers or important data. GeekTek IT Services has developed a plan to aid businesses by relieving them of their bad IT. This rescue system is referred to as BITS. BITS was designed as a program which can systematically help your firm break free of your bad IT.

Some of the services include but are not limited to:

  • A complete evaluation of all your systems to track down the bad IT and stop it in its tracks
  • Data recovery
  • Lockout of previous IT service company personnel
  • Documentation of all systems
  • System and network audit of remote access
  • Log in and account rescue

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