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January 13, 2014
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January 27, 2014

What Would Happen to Your Business' Data in the Case of a Fire?

Take a moment and consider what would happen if there was a fire at your business office. Would your business lose most of its financial documents, and information about clients, or is your business taking the proper steps in planning for disaster recovery? Is your server backup in the cloud or are you relying on local data backup services? Disaster recovery planning can be the difference in your business continuing its operations or dealing with a major setback that takes years to recover from.

Many small businesses don’t take such examples of an actual fire seriously because they don’t think it would ever happen to them. The problem with this, according to a Calvin and Hobbes classic, is that that although we don’t think so, we’re always the “somebody else” to other people. Therefore, we’re all at risk of such disasters happening to us at any time.

In a recent Tech Target article, Marty Reed, Vice President of Cool Systems, describes how his business responded to a fire. Reed explains that although no one can be truly prepared for natural disasters, his business was able to respond and recover due to outscoring it’s disaster recovery planning to a managed IT services firm:

“The biggest lesson of the fire, according to Reed, was the need to have an iron-clad business interruption plan in place. He said there’s no way to plan for disasters such as the fire, but having a plan in place to enable an impromptu off-site office unbeknownst to a customer is imperative. ‘There’s no question that I will continue to use outsourced solutions in the future,’ Reed said. ‘It’s invaluable.’”

“Invaluable” is really the only way to describe disaster recovery planning and proper cloud backup services. How valuable it can be depends on the value of the business, how much was salvaged due to the planning, and how the business recovered in the long run after the disaster. For this reason, there’s no way to pin the benefits of disaster recovery planning down to a number; we can only speculate how much there is to lose if we neglect it.

Disaster recovery planning and server virutalization requires thoroughness to be effective when businesses really need it. Outsourcing disaster recovery planning to experts in the industry can not only save your business’ time and money, but also help create a thorough disaster recovery plan that can save your business during a disaster.

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