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February 18, 2014
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February 25, 2014

Cloud File Servers

Cloud-based servers are a great investment for your company. With our cloud servers and cloud backup and disaster recovery, your information will be accessible and secure and your business will become more efficient.

Cloud storage is accessible. Since it is not based in one physical location, anyone with access can use it. This allows your employees to work anywhere in the world. Documents can be shared with the click of a button. Communication can cross entire oceans and mountain ranges. The sky is the limit with cloud computing. If something goes down, you can get technical support right away because help is just a click away. IT support staff no longer need to be on-site to troubleshoot system issues. Our tech support is available whenever you need them and with cloud-based servers, all you have to do is call us when you have a problem. We’ll take care of the rest.

Even though the cloud is everywhere, it is just as secure as a local server. In fact, it’s safer because the server is not in one central location. If your one of your offices is lost to a natural disaster, your cloud-based storage is safe because it is on remote, off-site servers. Your information is always safe because the cloud cannot be taken offline. You can pick and choose which servers go on the cloud and you can switch them back to local whenever you want. Your servers are also safe from intruders. Security is our top priority and you can be assured that your information will be safe in the cloud. Our servers are dedicated to your information and nothing

Cloud-based servers will make your business more efficient. Employees can work from home or remotely and have the same access as those in the office. A sick employee can stay home and still work. A travelling employee can work as they go from place to place. Your workplace essentially expands with the cloud. You will no longer be confined to the office. You can work outdoors, at a coffee shop or on the road. This will also make your employees happier. They no longer have to worry about missing work or staying late. They can catch up on work at home or on their commute. Being more efficient will also save your business money. Cloud-based computer solutionswill increase productivity and collaboration. Geographic borders are no longer an issue. Teams can work seamlessly and instantaneously together in the cloud. Your team in Los Angeles can now work with the team in Dubai, without having to travel there. This may also decrease your travel expenditures because the need to be in one location will be less.

It’s time for your business to move to the cloud. It will improve your productivity, increase mobility and save you money. GeekTek, IT support Los Angeles, has cloud-based solutions that can fit your every need and we would love to help you. We have the experience and the knowledge you need to improve your business. Our servers are secure enough to stop malicious attacks but accessible enough that your entire team can log on when and where they need to. You’ll save money with lower travel costs and your employees will be happier because they have more flexible work schedules. You can benefit greatly with an investment in cloud-based solutions from GeekTek managed IT support.