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Cloud services security: Microsoft promises even tighter security for Office 365

Over the past few years there’s been a significant increase in the use of cloud services for business purposes, and it’s no surprise. According to a recent article from CloudTweaks, a major driving force behind the choice of cloud computing is the benefit to an organization’s bottom line. By giving employees a greater flexibility to work from multiple places across multiple devices, cloud computing can boost employee productivity. Because services can be scalable, allowing you to pay only for what you use, you can save on costs and won’t have to invest as much money in the long-term on your own IT infrastructure.

However, along with all of its benefits, there’s an important concern that persists about cloud computing: Whether or not a given service offers strong security for businesses.

Cloud services vary in quality and in their usefulness to your business, so it’s important to choose the right ones. At GeekTek IT Services, one of the high-quality services we can help you manage is Microsoft Office 365. At its core are a set of features that many businesses would find useful, including secure and dependable file-sharing, email and calendar access, conferencing capabilities, and Office Online.

On top of this, Microsoft is dedicated to regularly improving not only the functionality of their services but also the security. At the recent TechEd 2014 conference, the company announced that in the coming months it will be improving file security for Microsoft 365. The goal is for each stored file to have its own encryption key, making it even more difficult for data to be stolen or accessed by the wrong parties.

The company also aims to continue improving mobile security for Office 365 by offering new features in Windows Intune, which allows companies to manage how employees work on and share content on mobile devices; new managed Office apps will also be made available for iOS and Android smartphones.

These are some of the main security improvements that Microsoft is rolling out for Office 365, but there will be more. Be sure to contact us for additional information. To best take advantage of a powerful cloud service like Microsoft Office 365, you need the assistance of IT experts who help you manage your files and configure the features (including security) in the optimal way for your Los Angeles based business.