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August 21, 2014
Are you using USB drives? Consider cloud services for file storage and sharing
September 4, 2014

Cloud services take care of nearly all of your business processes

In order to prove that a small business could be run almost completely by cloud services, the staff at Small Business Computing recently created a theoretical company using only cloud services and non-PC devices. What they found was that, in fact, with the help of a tablet and access to cloud solutions, most of a businesses processes could be taken care of.

Gone are the days when starting a company required a huge investment in PCs, servers, network equipment and other hardware, as well as the purchasing of software. Gone are the days when you need to update those items on a periodic basis in order to keep up with changing technology. Now PCs can be replaced by more affordable tablets, with an add-on keyboard if needed. Application servers can be replaced with Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service.

A file server and the old school way of sharing files via email can be replaced by online storage and collaboration services. Desktop productivity suites are going by the wayside in favor of online office suites. Even desktop software such as contact management, accounting packages, payroll services, and spam blasts are becoming outdated with the arrival of online CRM, cloud accounting and payroll, and online marketing services.

To recap: virtually every aspect of your company’s IT needs can be met via managed services. GeekTek in Los Angeles offers the services to meet your needs at a cost far less than that of the traditional technology investments that businesses make. Your specific needs are not the same as any one else’s, and neither are the services you receive. GeekTek’s managed solutions put the power of flexibility and scalability in your hands. You decide how much you need, when you’re going to need it, and which device you’re going access it with. We take care of the rest. For more information, contact us.