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September 26, 2014
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October 10, 2014

IT support in Los Angeles available for estates and high net worth individuals

Managing an estate or the financial affairs and digital accounts of a high net worth individual can require business-caliber IT support.

Estates and high net worth individuals usually make use of a variety of financial and personal accounts and depend on many computer services. But their current IT configuration may be leaving them open to inefficiency, unnecessary costs, and vulnerability to hackers.

In regards to cybersecurity threats, one recent example discussed widely in the news involved the hacking of dozens of private celebrity photos, prompting Apple to tighten security measures for iCloud. But you don’t need to be a movie star to be targeted; even though these kinds of cyber security breaches are the most highly publicized, there are many that occur under the radar. Wherever there’s money and potentially sensitive data, hackers will be exploiting any weakness they can find to extract your private information.

Los Angeles IT support solutions

Calling on IT support for an estate or for financial and personal digital affairs is a sensible step to take to protect your data and also to ensure that you’re relying on the best IT solutions for your needs.

Because we work with businesses to address their similar needs, we already have the means to help you adopt an IT configuration specifically tailored to you. What advantages do you receive from using our services?

  • We can actively monitor your accounts or networks for threats, implementing strong cyberattack preventative measures and deploying a rapid response to a data breach. Beyond cybersecurity threats, we’re also on hand to quickly help you with any other IT problem.
  • We offer flexible, scalable services, so that you pay only for what you need and don’t waste money unnecessarily. Our cloud-based solutions are suitable for estates and individuals, much as they are for businesses; as discussed in a recent article from Forbes, the cloud can offer you business-caliber software at affordable prices. And the same IT infrastructure that we make use of in our work with large companies will be at your disposal.
  • We are able to coordinate between you, your family members and trusted associates, advisers, business and estate managers as needed, in similar fashion to how we work with businesses.
  • You can depend on our discretion. We respect the importance of your data and how necessary it is to keep it secure and confidential. We operate with high standards of security and privacy.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to further discuss our IT solutions for estates and high net worth individuals. At a reasonable price, you can benefit from the high-quality IT support that large, complex companies depend on.