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April 22, 2015
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Up You Go: Getting Your Business In The Cloud

Your Considerations Before Moving To The Cloud

In the modern age of technological advancement, your business has new options for storage that are more cost effective and easier to use than previous solutions. Specifically, migrating your company to the cloud will offer you reduced overhead, increased access to your data, and a safeguarded backup. Before you make the switch, however, consider these things.

  • Cost: There are two financial factors you need to consider when moving to the cloud. The first is the cost of getting set up. Make sure you understand how you will need to restructure your IT department. Secondly, understand your billing. Will it be monthly? How much storage do you get for that cost? How much will it cost if you need to increase your space?
  • Support: If there is an issue with your cloud services, who do you contact? Do you have 24/7 support? Make sure that you know who you will have access to in order to get answers to your questions.
  • Security: It is crucial that you know the levels of security protecting your data. Understand the password systems, encryption levels, protection from hackers and malware, and the security in place at their physical location. This is especially important as you have a legal obligation to protect the private information of your employees and your clients.
  • Upgrades: At some point, your cloud software will need to be upgraded and/or maintained. Ask about how much advance notice you will receive before the system goes through these changes so your company can prepare.

For more information about cloud computing and how migrating your business that direction could serve you, contact GeekTek. We are here to make moving your California business to the cloud a breeze. For all of your Los Angeles managed IT services, call us today.