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3 IT Service Nightmares That Your Business Should Never Have to Endure

If you’ve had some terrible experiences with IT support in Los Angeles, it’s likely that the problems of these IT teams start from the top, which means it’s not likely to improve overnight.

As Information Week observed in an article analyzing poor customer service in the IT industry:

We’re quick to cite “bad” employees. But how would we react if teachers blamed all their classroom problems on “bad” children? As students react to their teachers, employees react to environments that leaders create…When leaders react badly to employee candor or criticism, it creates an environment of fear and leads to bad decisions.

Instead of endlessly fighting with IT employees who are likely caught in a vicious cycle of poor leadership and a poisonous work atmosphere, it might be time to switch.

In fact, we’ve identified three customer service nightmares — from IT and other industries — that your business should never have to endure.

1. They Hold Your Company (And Your Data) Hostage

At a popular consumer complaint and review site, a business employee told this give-you-chills story about their former IT company (though we won’t link directly to the story to avoid giving the IT company’s name; we’re writing this article to explain the symptoms of bad IT service, not provide an exposé on other businesses):

…My FTP access…was shut off, and my ability to log into the Working With Computer control panel. So not only is this company denying me the service I paid them for…but they are now holding my data hostage. I have left 4 emails to their various addresses over the past MONTH. I have left 3 voicemails over the past couple weeks. I even filled out their web form…THEY WILL NOT RESPOND.

Although most bad IT companies will not be this extreme, even a moderately bad IT service can slow your ability to get your data back, often through passive aggressive tactics or just inept customer service.

2. Lack of Documentation of Their IT Plan for Your Company

Poor documentation should never be tolerated. Not only does it make any major transition tedious at best (near impossible at worst), it reduces accountability. It also leads to embarrassing predicaments, as an IT profession admitted on IT Knowledge Exchange:

I have faced several embarrassing situations due to lack of documentation. In one case, my assistant misplaced documents relating to approvals and vendor negotiation thus attracting auditor’s comments for loss of control…Failure to record discussions and agreement with users has often lead to damning arguments during implementation stages.

Good documentation helps you enforce policies, rules, and expectations with your IT company. It provides an objective history that your business can use as evidence when the company violates a policy or mishandles an important element of your IT. If there’s no documentation, the IT company has more room to mismanage your account.

3. Glaciers Are Melting Faster Than Your IT Company’s Response Time

Cloud ComputingInformation Technology is a “helping” industry. But when an IT company’s help never arrives, that company does not belong in the helping industry, and you should consider jumping ship. If a company can’t fulfill the most fundamental goal of its industry — to help you — then you are in a dysfunctional relationship, and you need to get out.

And customer service stories like this one are good reminders why:

To make a simple change to my land line system, I waited on hold, got the wrong department, waited on hold, got the right department, took forever to make the change, finally an independent person verified the change. Weeks later, no change. Did the same thing all over again, including having my call dropped (ironic, isn’t it?) after waiting 20 minutes in the queue. No explanation for why the change didn’t take effect the first go around. Sure seems like a systemic problem to me.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms with your IT company, contact us to get assistance in escaping a dysfunctional IT relationship. In fact, we have a service product — BITS Rescuesm — devoted entirely to this process, and it includes a full range of services:

  • Assessment and audit of all IT resources
  • System and network audit of remote access
  • Lockout of previous IT personnel and services companies
  • Retrieval of system account logins
  • Documentation of all systems
  • Data recovery (if necessary)
  • Verification of backups

Bottom-line? If you feel trapped by an endless cycle of poor IT service, don’t lose hope. There is a way out.