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July 17, 2015
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August 13, 2015

What Can a Managed Service Provider Do for You?

All businesses are making every effort to use IT effectively to increase their business effectiveness, increase their CRM and ERP efficiency, aid their employees to be more productive, and decrease their costs. However, many are faced with a conundrum. Their in-house IT staff usually argue that they can install, support, and maintain the requisite hardware and software themselves without any outside assistance. They use terms to discuss applications and technology that most managers are just not familiar with and feel that they really don’t have enough information to make a rational decision. While “saving” money by not using outside assistance to make the necessary changes is a praiseworthy goal, does the IT staff really know enough and have the ability to take on these major tasks without impacting what they do already?

Advantages of having a MSP

Business AnalysisAn IT brief written by Shannon Williams on June 30, 2015 goes over the reasons why using a managed service provider (MSP) gives an advantage over the go-it-alone group. Using a managed service provider enables your company to make the best use of the legacy IT infrastructure you have in place already, due to the wide range of knowledge and experience in place at the MSP. In addition, the economies of scale employed will reduce your company’s costs (and the burden of managing IT) significantly. Last, but not least, the MSP offers the opportunity to update and innovate with the latest and most effective new technology, increasing the effectiveness and utility both within the company and to your customers and vendors. In contrast, the companies that choose to go-it-alone have IT services that are more costly, less reliable, and vulnerable to a range of risks that include security issues from external threats, poor support to the company and customers, and outmoded solutions that are difficult to maintain.

Reliability of IT increases with MSP

With the MSP, your IT employees can focus on your key business initiatives from your mission plan and strategy instead of spending less productive time on more routine operational matters. An MSP increases the reliability of your IT by merging their scalable flexibility with your optimized internal infrastructure and personnel resources. While most of the IT support occurs off-site under central and constant supervision, the MSP specialists will provide on-site operational support as needed.

The risk to your company is reduced due to using best practice management and adopting industry-standard tools across all service areas. And, you benefit from the MSP’s access to best-to-in-class end-to-end IT infrastructure and business technology with innovative solution designs and implementations.

Geektek’s prime focus

GeekTek understand the concerns and decisions Business Meeting faced by managers implementing IT upgrades and realize that our services, while valuable and needed by many of our small to medium size clients in the greater LA area, may not be right for everyone. Our focus is on elevating our client’s use of business technological innovation to aid their business, according to their needs. The first order of business is to discover what can help them best and then align our many offerings to their existing IT infrastructure. Our clients’ satisfaction is our highest goal and we hold dearly their trust and confidence in our integrity.

It is not enough to design and implement the IT requirements of your company. IT, like everything else, must be monitored and maintained to peak operational efficiency. Our experienced, trained, and certified IT support personnel pride themselves on quick response in phone or in person to provide the highest quality service delivery.

Allow us to help you

Give us the opportunity to help you focus on your core business and change IT from a distraction to a core strength. Contact us today; we’ll help you to make the right decision for your company.