Take control of your IT! GeekTek specializes in helping companies break free of Bad IT Services. Our BITS Rescuesm Service will help your company end of the cycle of BITSsm. Does your organization depend on an IT services company which isn’t meeting your needs? That holds your information hostage? That disappoints or abandons you when you need them most?

Symptoms of BITS

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? You may be the victim of Bad IT Service.

  • Being “held hostage” by your IT services company
  • Lack of documentation of your businesses IT
  • No administrative access to your critical systems
  • Unacceptable IT support response times
  • Network and/or server downtime
  • Technician misses appointments or is chronically late
  • You don’t understand anything the service providers says
  • Mysterious invoices

BITS Rescue Process

GeekTek’s BITS Rescue process accounts for all aspects of your companies IT services.

  • Assessment and audit of all IT resources
  • System and network audit of remote access
  • Lockout of previous IT personell and serivces companies
  • Retrieval of system account logins
  • Documentation of all systems
  • Data recovery (if necessary)
  • Verification of backups

BITS Rescue Results

In addition to our white-glove hands-on service rescue, our clients receive the following:

  • Account and password list including all active resources
  • Remote technical support services
  • Off-site backup of servers and desktops
  • Full ownership of all accounts
  • System and network documentation
  • Account rescue and ownership transfer of:
    • Domain Names
    • Web Hosting
    • Twitter and Facebook accounts
    • 3rd Party Web Services

Success Stories

  • Destructive downtime – Recently, an unresponsive IT services company left with our client’s network down for over 24 hours, resulting in an entire day’s worth of lost business and traffic.
  • Data loss – We have provided BITS Rescue for a client whose company data and backups were maliciously deleted by a disgruntled ex-employee.
  • Lockout – A company recently contacted us for BITS Rescue after realizing they were unable to access the administrative areas of their servers, routers, and online accounts. They were entirely unable to make any changes without calling their IT services company.
  • Website Crash – A recent client’s main website was down for 3 days due to their IT company’s neglect in paying registration fees. The IT services company in question took a full 3 days to respond to our client – more than half of a business week! In addition to being experts in the industry, GeekTek prides itself on being organized, reliable, and available 24/7 to address your needs.

If you are suffering from Bad IT Services in Burbank, Pasadena, Thousand Oaks, Long Beach, or Torrance, CA, GeekTek offers its BITS Rescuesm program to address all of your needs and send you on your way towards better IT. Some IT services companies believe in “locking in” their clients by withholding critical information, thus making their clients depend completely on their services. Our belief is that our clients should have full access to all of their data and full transparency into the IT process. Our clients are guaranteed complete access to all of their data, accounts, and systems. While we’re ready to hold your hand through the initial stages of the IT process, we want you to learn and grow, so you can better address your needs in the future. Without having to rely solely on service providers, you will see enormous savings in time, money, and stress.

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