We at GeekTek are pleased to announce that we have officially achieved carbon neutrality! At GeekTek, we believe that we have an obligation towards the preservation of our environment. Not only do we provide quality IT outsourcing to the Los Angeles area, but GeekTek has taken numerous steps in order to minimize and ultimately offset our carbon footprint.

Optimized the street-routes used by our techs.

Travel for services calls is one of our highest costs. Finding the best routes to every destination means less time emitting greenhouse gases. We do this by minimizing car idling time and driving at efficient speeds. It doesn’t seem like much, but the fuel and time saved can add up over time.

Implemented energy-efficient profiles across our network.

The systematic integration of energy-efficiency with our business practices is a major component of GeekTek’s carbon neutrality. From using less paper to optimizing travel expenditures, we have fine-tuned the way we do business. We can also have staff meetings with the use of telecommunication technologies. This gives you a quicker, more cost-effective service. We’re finding new ways to be more efficient every day.

Updated our servers to more power-efficient models.

Servers require an immense amount of energy to operate. In 2010, servers accounted for 2.5% of all energy consumption in the United States. The upgrading of our servers works towards reducing that figure. By reducing our energy needs, we put less pressure on the power-grid and we can focus more resources on customer satisfaction.

Increased our level of remote work by 25%.

In the tech world, we are fortunate enough to have ample opportunities to complete our tasks remotely. By taking full advantage of this unique capability, we have been able to greatly reduce the amount of time our techs spend in cars. This means that you receive service sooner because our techs no longer have to travel to help you. If a job can be done remotely, we will do it that way. But if you need to see a tech in person, we won’t hesitate to send one right away.

Removed all incandescent light bulbs from our office.

Everyone has to use lights and we have made an effort to make our lighting more efficient. Incandescent lighting is the most inefficient of common electrical lighting solutions. We have opted to replace all incandescent lighting in our office with more energy-efficient lighting. It’s just one more way that our business can reduce it’s strain on the power grid.

Offset our remaining carbon footprint.

GeekTek’s contribution is helping capture gas from landfills, power farms from digested solids, create wind farms and capture methane from abandoned coal mines. These are just a few ways we are offsetting our carbon footprint and we’re always looking for new ways to do it.

We have also incentivized employees to use public transportation, bicycles or footpaths to commute when possible, as even the smallest of contributions bring us closer to total energy efficiency. This also indirectly makes our employees healthier and happier, as they have more effective ways to use their time traveling to and from work. Instead of spending time in driving in traffic, they can read a book on the bus or enjoy cycling and walking to work. Happy employees also provide great, friendly service so giving them these incentives were great ideas. We have created a culture at GeekTek that puts an emphasis on the importance of reducing our impact on our environment, and we invite you to join us. Make your business’ IT solution a carbon-neutral one by contacting GeekTek today!

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