G-Suite is a cloud-based, professional-grade version of Google’s suite of application services, expanding upon them to give you business-class tools to manage your business and your team smoothly and efficiently.

Key Features

Anywhere-Access to email and documents

Reliable, secure server

Gmail, Calendar, Drive

Easily scales with your business

File-sharing and Management

The Benefits of Google Apps for Business

Like any cloud computing solution, the primary benefit of G-Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Business) is tied to your ability to access your email, contacts, calendars, and other documents at any time and wherever internet access is capable. What setsG-Suite apart is its cost-effectiveness, the ease of integration, and the familiarity of its user interface to users of Google services like Gmail. Whereas many businesses have opted in the past to operate and manage their own on-site servers, those are at best unreliable and at worst completely dysfunctional. If your entire business is reliant upon your own connection, your own server, and your own internal system administrators, it is only a matter of time before the server goes down and brings your business to a grinding halt. In the age of cloud computing, there is no reason for small businesses to host their own email. By giving you the freedom to access whatever you need wherever you need it, cloud computing is changing the way people do business—teams can work better together with G-Suite’s communication and file-sharing tools, and you can rest assured that everything is secure on the cloud. Rather than needlessly putting resources toward the maintenance of a server,G-Suite leaves you free to focus on guiding your business into the future.

All of your work is on the Cloud, you can access your email, documents, from any computer, any device, anywhere. Google is at the forefront of mobility, making your data truly platform independent.

Google’s security can be hardened with advanced features such as two-factor authentication. Add-on archive services are available ensure compliance with relevant laws and industry standards.

Extend the functionality of Google Apps by adding integrated applications. Choose from dozens of integrated applications, such as EchoSign, Box and SurveyMonkey. Easily access your apps from the familiar Gmail interface.


Cloud computing is quickly becoming the cornerstone of business, and GeekTek specializes in migrating companies’ services onto the cloud, including the feature-rich Microsoft Office 365 (G-Suite service is a great alternative for those businesses that do not require Office 365’s specific functionality). To find out how GeekTek can maximize the efficiency of your Southern California business, including Burbank, Pasadena, Thousand Oaks, Long Beach, and Torrance, through the strength of IT, contact us for a free consultation today.

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If you want your business to evolve and move forward, there is no better place to start than with Google Apps for Business, though some businesses may prefer the specific functionality of Microsoft’s Office 365. Business owners can be assured that GeekTek’s experts will construct a custom plan to make the best use of their resources. Contact GeekTek today and start building your IT plan with a free consultation.


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