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If you’re a company looking to expand the technical side of things in Burbank, Pasadena, Thousand Oaks, or Long Beach, you’ll want quality IT services and IT support. By having a solid tech support base, your online capabilities will no longer be a burden for you to bear. You’ll instead be able to focus on the parts of the business that need attention.

There are many camps out there that have certain opinions of how IT services should be handled. Some are convinced that your tech support should be exclusively in house. However, there are a growing number of business people who have turned their attention towards managed IT services. The issue with IT outsourcing is that they can sometimes be bogged down by myths. These myths persist because of the people dead set on in-house IT solutions. Here are 5 common myths surrounding managed IT services and why they aren’t true.


Managed IT Services are Expensive

As you are deciding how to manage your tech support, you will no doubt be told by colleagues that IT outsourcing is going to cost you much more than if you had IT support on staff. This is not the case. With staff, you have salaries, bonuses, and vacation pay to consider. If you outsource your IT services to a trusted company in El Segundo, Sherman Oaks, Culver City, or West Los Angeles, the cost should be much lower.

Only an Employee can Understand the Issue

Continuing with the hired employee example, you’ll likely be reminded that having IT services in house will mean you will have a better grasp of problems as they arise. Unfortunately for the naysayers of IT outsourcing, most systems have common components and tech support providers have to work in various environments with multiple personnel. They will know how to fix most problems.

You can Buy Quality Software Anywhere because it’s Not an Asset

There are still some that believe software isn’t an asset. This is due to the customer being able to purchase software at retail outlets and manage it themselves. This notion is ridiculous, considering the amount of online hacks and information leaks that have been prevalent over the last few years. Your business’ software is vital to your business’ health, and proper tech support can keep your company in good hands. IT outsourcing means there’s no need to worry about bunging up the system anymore.

Someone Must Be On Site All the Time

Having IT support in house means potentially having someone on call at all hours in case something bad happens. If you hire a tech support company for your El Segundo, Sherman Oaks, Culver City, or West Los Angeles business, you won’t have to worry about having someone on site all the time. Remote IT services have proven to be fast responders to most crises since they can have multiple people working on the problem instead of 1 or 2.

Managed Services is a Model Designed to Sell Additional Services

There are some companies that ascribe to this model, to be sure. However, for the most part, managed IT services don’t push products as much as one may think. These IT services are typically based on cost saving measures for the companies by whom they are hired.

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