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With constant technological breakthroughs and upgrades occurring seemingly every day, navigating the various services available and finding support for your business can be a hassle.

Geektek’s expert consulting team is here to tackle any of the issues you may have, offering IT service and support for things like Office 365 and migrating it into the modern era of Cloud storage technology along with helping your business follow all trade association and government regulations.

Specializing in helping small businesses, we strive to offer all of the IT support your business needs, but we know the work doesn’t always stop there, which is why we also have Geektek CIOs. Our CIOs are here to dedicate themselves to bettering your business while keeping the cost lower than using an in-house CIO.

Not only do we want to help your business, but also we work to truly understand your goals as well as consider the growth and direction of your business so that you get the most out of your IT.

We know exactly what to look for in terms of bad IT service as well and know too well the damages that poor IT service can have on your business long term. Our Bad Service Rescue Process will help your company identify and cure all of the symptoms of Bad IT Service while making sure that your company is set up for success with full ownership of your accounts, system and network documentation and ownership of everything from your domain name to all of your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, our Geektek IT Consulting experts have tackled numerous projects across numerous fields with proven solutions and results. So even if your business doesn’t fall under the need of IT or CIO Services, our consulting team can put together an effective strategy whether it’s to reduce costs by performing server consolidation and minimizing the amount of servers used or by performing server virtualization to put legacy servers onto new hardware for you without changing the software.

For Orange County and Irvine small businesses, Geektek represents your chance for easy and accessible IT Outsourcing dedicated to making your business our priority, while helping you condense your expenses and grow and expand your business to maximize your success. Whether you need IT services, CIO expertise or IT Consulting call today to speak with one of our Geektek experts to help take your business to new heights.


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